{JAPAN ONLY}Company Profile

{JAPAN ONLY}Company name {JAPAN ONLY}Binary K. K.
{JAPAN ONLY}Company name in English Binary K. K.
{JAPAN ONLY}Registration {JAPAN ONLY}Financial Instruments Business No. xxxx
Address {JAPAN ONLY}HirooMiyaya 3F, 1-9-16 Hiroo, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0012
{JAPAN ONLY}Establishment {JAPAN ONLY}November 7, 2014
{JAPAN ONLY}Capital {JAPAN ONLY}80,100,000 JPY (as of September 20, 2016)
{JAPAN ONLY}Association of join {JAPAN ONLY}The Financial Futures Association of Japan
{JAPAN ONLY}Designated dispute resolution organization {JAPAN ONLY}Financial Instruments Mediation Assistance Center
{JAPAN ONLY}Main business {JAPAN ONLY}Type I Financial Instruments Business based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law

{JAPAN ONLY}Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR)

{JAPAN ONLY}Disclosure of CAR by No. 46-6-3 in the FIEA (Financial Instruments and Exchange Act)

{JAPAN ONLY}Win Loss Ratio

{JAPAN ONLY}Disclosure of win loss ratio by No. xx in the FIEA

{JAPAN ONLY}Financial Condition

{JAPAN ONLY}Disclosure of financial statement by No. xx in the FIEA