Multiple Accounts Manager (MAM) for MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

Assign and manage multiple sub-accounts seamlessly via one interface – the Multiple Accounts Manager (MAM).

The MAM tool is ideal for money managers who want to easily manage multiple client accounts. It gives you the ability to simultaneously view, track, and trade on behalf of all MT5 client accounts under your control.

Best of all, your commissions are credited into your account instantly.

Key features

Client's deposits or withdrawals are immediately reflected in the corresponding master account balance in real time

Use a variety of allocation methods (e.g equity, balance, even, and lot) to distribute trade volumes, starting from 0.01 lots

Access all available tools and features for trading on MT5, including Expert Advisors (EAs), charts, and order types

View essential information for open positions associated with each login ID – including order type (buy/sell), open time, open price, stop loss, take profit, swap, and profit

Use two different exclusion types: 'Allocation' excludes a client from future trades only, while 'Full' also closes open positions and removes its balance from the master account. Clients can choose to close any open position.

View all the information you need to manage your client list – including login ID, group, leverage, balance, equity, and margin

How it works

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Download MAM

Download MAM for Windows after you've set up your master account. Your login credentials will be provided

Manage sub accounts

Monitor and manage your client list, adjust settings for individual sub accounts, and more

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