{JAPAN ONLY}Trading manual

{JAPAN ONLY}Our trading page provides an overall view of all the option contracts available to trade, showing the live buy and sell prices and providing quick selection and trading buttons.

{JAPAN ONLY}In the lower panel you can also choose to see your current portfolio with live valuations and quick access to sell-back. Alternatively you can view a live, customizable chart with many add-on features; or see more detailed explanations of the type of option selected; or examine recent settlement prices for expired options.

{JAPAN ONLY}Executing trades

{JAPAN ONLY}To buy an option, simply click on the price button to execute the trade.

{JAPAN ONLY}Full details of the confirmed trade will then be shown, alongside a live updating graph showing the spot FX rate relative to the barrier(s) chosen. A sell-back price is available should you wish to close-out the trade.

{JAPAN ONLY}This popup window can also be activated from the portfolio panel, and portfolio page, by clicking the Trade View button.

{JAPAN ONLY}You can then review the performance of the trade and then sell-back to close the position if you wish, by clicking the sell-back button.

{JAPAN ONLY}The sell-back execution level will then be confirmed and the position will be closed.

{JAPAN ONLY}Our customer support are available to help you if you are unsure about how to use our trading tools. Please email them at support@binary.com

{JAPAN ONLY}Don't forget you can practice as much as you like using your Virtual / Demo account.