Why pay more?

Binary.com's patented pricing technology allows you to benefit from the same rates of return as traders in the interbank market.

  • {JAPAN ONLY}We offer real time prices calculated from the same rates that bank and securities companies use.
  • {JAPAN ONLY}We offer a full range of binary option types including ladders, touch, and range options.
  • {JAPAN ONLY}We offer trading periods from as short as 2 hours to as long as one-year, in predefined contract series.
  • {JAPAN ONLY}We offer transparent 2-way pricing, allowing equal chance to trade in either direction of the market.
  • {JAPAN ONLY}We will pass on any possible price improvements for orders in fast moving markets.

Trade your way

Our trading screen is simple to use:

  1. {JAPAN ONLY}Select an FX rate
  2. {JAPAN ONLY}Select an option type
  3. {JAPAN ONLY}Select a trading period
  4. {JAPAN ONLY}Select payout size
  1. {JAPAN ONLY}Choose direction of the market and the exercise price you wish to target, and hit the green buy button to instantly trade

{JAPAN ONLY}No fees, no commissions, you simply pay the price of the stated on the buy button.

{JAPAN ONLY}Track your trade in real time:

  • {JAPAN ONLY}Live analysis of trade and charting of spot relative to trade barriers
  • {JAPAN ONLY}Instant sell-back of position available until 2 minutes prior to judgement time

You won't lose your shirt

  • {JAPAN ONLY}You set your own personal daily loss limit
  • {JAPAN ONLY}You can protect your account value further by setting other limits to encourage trading discipline
  • {JAPAN ONLY}You will always know your maximum loss, as it is limited to the amount that you have paid
  • {JAPAN ONLY}Your investments are immediately reflected in your account balance, so there is no further risk
  • {JAPAN ONLY}You can sell-back your position at any time until 2 minutes before expiry to either cut your losses, or take your profits early
  • {JAPAN ONLY}You can see the real-time value of your portfolio and access the trade view and analysis screen from which you can then choose to close the position:

{JAPAN ONLY}Your funds are safe

{JAPAN ONLY}Binary.com is fully licensed and regulated by the FFAJ, which requires us to maintain and report a safe level of operating capital.

{JAPAN ONLY}Matters to attend:

  • {JAPAN ONLY}By law we are required to manage the assets of our customers and our company separately
  • {JAPAN ONLY}Segregate all customers' money to a trust account
  • {JAPAN ONLY}In the event of our bankruptcy, your assets will be safeguarded by Japan Securities Finance Trust & Banking Company Ltd
  • {JAPAN ONLY}Distributed back to you by the direction of the beneficiary agent (B)
  • {JAPAN ONLY}Our internal management control officer and beneficiary representative is required to confirm the amount of funds that must be held in the trust bank count every day
  • {JAPAN ONLY}The beneficiary agent (B), who is an external lawyer, is bound to perform this function in the event that our Company is not able to return your funds directly

Our track-record

{JAPAN ONLY}Binary.com was one of the first active Binary Options brokers and has a proven track record of delivering first class service and maintaining an award winning trading platform, while delivering strong financial performance to our shareholders, for more than 15 years worldwide.

{JAPAN ONLY}We pride ourselves on our responsible trading and high ethical standards, and we only offer our service in jurisdictions where we hold the necessary licenses and legal registrations.

{JAPAN ONLY}As well as our Japanese financial licence, we also operate in European jurisdictions with our Malta Financial Services Type 3 Licence, and under various gaming licences around the world.

{JAPAN ONLY}Please note:

{JAPAN ONLY}If the market price has changed significantly it may not be possible to execute a trade at a delayed price displayed in a customer's browser. Alternatively you may pay a lower price for the option if the price has moved quickly in that direction. Please see our summary of specifications document for full details of our 'slippage' rules.