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In business since 2000, is the world’s leading binary options company.

Clientes de operación activos

Our active client base is expected to reach over 100,000 total clients this year.

Number of transactions

We’re projected to register over 197 million transactions this year, bringing the total number of contracts that were bought and sold on our platform since inception to over 789 million.

Volumen de ventas

We’re expected to generate over USD 1 billion in turnover this year, bringing our total turnover since inception to over USD 5.7 billion.

Retiros del cliente

Los retiros de clientes previos a este año ascendieron a casi USD 500 millones. Se esperan más de USD 140 millones en retiros de clientes para este año.

Número de empleados y contratistas

We’ve grown in size over the years –– both in terms of manpower and offices. We currently have over 150 employees across four offices in Malaysia, Malta, and Japan. Further growth in headcount is expected this year to cater to the increased demand in our products and services.