How to trade binary options?

Defina su posición

Obtenga su precio

Realice su transacción

Paso 1: Defina su contrato

Trading binary options is relatively easy, and you can purchase a trade in only three simple steps.

Primero, necesita establecer los parámetros de su contrato. Esto es lo que tiene que tener en cuenta.

  1. Underlying market

    Choose the asset you wish to trade, such as gold, oil, stocks, or currency pairs. The value of a binary option is derived from the price of the underlying asset. One advantage of trading binary options is that you are not buying or selling the actual asset, only a contract that determines how that asset performs.

    Choose from five types of markets and their respective assets:

    • Currencies - All major Forex pairs
    • Indices - All major worldwide stock indices sourced from the over-the-counter market
    • Commodities - Major commodities such as gold and oil
    • OTC stocks - Blue-chip stock contracts sourced from the over-the-counter market
    • Volatility indices -'s proprietary indices that simulate market forces
  2. Trade type

    There are four main trade types for you to choose from:

    • Rise/Fall - Predict if the market will rise or fall from its current level
    • Higher/Lower - Predict if the market will end higher or lower than a target price
    • Touch/No Touch - Predict if the market will touch or not touch a target price
    • In/Out - Predict if the market will stay between or outside two target prices
  3. Duración

    Set the length of your trade, from 10 seconds to 365 days.

  4. Límite(s)

    Set barrier(s) to define your position and trigger the payout you will receive.

  5. Pago

    Each trade comes with a pre-determined payout that you will see after adjusting each parameter. You’ll win the payout if your prediction is correct. If not, you will only lose your initial stake.