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Ingeniero DevOps

As our DevOps Engineer, you will have a critical role in our approach to our infrastructure and operations. The stability and scalability of our applications have a direct impact on our bottom line. This means that you will be taking on a mission critical role.

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System Administrator

The System Administration team is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of our computer software, hardware, and networks.

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Back-End Developer

As our Back-End Developer, you will be taking on the challenge of writing robust, high-quality, and production-ready code. Your work will greatly contribute to the architecture that drives our high-traffic binary options trading website.

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Front-End Developer

As our Front-End Developer, you will be taking on the challenge of developing and maintaining advanced applications and interfaces that connect clients with our patented trading system.

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Perl Developer

As our Perl Developer, you will be taking on the challenge of writing robust, high-quality, and production-ready code. Your work will greatly contribute to the architecture that drives our high-traffic binary options trading website.

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Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Developer

As our Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Developer, you will be taking on the challenge of revamping our existing cashier system and infrastructure for our ICO launch. You will also drive all our future blockchain-based projects. Your work will greatly contribute to the architecture that drives our high-traffic binary options trading website.

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Security Researcher

As our Security Researcher, we expect you to stay informed about the latest security bulletins and findings, and actively monitor our software development pipeline to find and raise potential security issues.

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PostgreSQL Database Administrator (DBA)

As our PostgreSQL Database Administrator, you will plan, implement, and manage the database systems that are essential to the architecture of our high-traffic binary options trading platform.

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UI/UX Designer

As our UI/UX Designer, you will play a key role in conceptualising and defining user experience and interaction across multiple websites and applications.

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Control de Calidad

Software Tester

As our Software Tester, we rely on you to run high-quality tests to ensure the stability, quality, and usability of our website and codebase with each software release.

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Análisis Cuantitativo

Analítico Cuantitativo

El equipo de Análisis Cuantitativo de Binary.com es responsable de los precios de las opciones binarias. Usted se unirá a ellos en la gestión del riesgo y la rentabilidad del libro de opciones de la compañía.

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Financial Markets Analyst

As our Senior Financial Markets Analyst, you will manage the day-to-day risk of our trading books, conduct complex quantitative analysis, carry out performance testing, develop advanced data analytics tools, and support other related operations that have a direct impact on the profitability and future growth of our company.

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Affiliate/Country Manager

The Country Manager is expected to acquire, service, manage, and expand our network of active affiliates in the countries where Binary Group targets to be represented. You will also contribute your energy, skills, and knowledge of the local business culture to increase our rapid growth rate worldwide.

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Technical Marketing Executive

As our Technical Marketing Executive, you will act on data-driven information and assist in troubleshooting issues to further nurture and grow our client base.

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Marketing Executive

As our Marketing Executive, you will coordinate and execute marketing campaigns across a variety of channels, and continuously identify the best ways to reach current and prospective customers.

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Graphics Designer

As our Graphic Designer, you will develop high-impact graphics and visual elements such as images and icons for our websites and applications. You will play an essential role in creating user interface assets that bring our products and users closer together.

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As our Copywriter, you will help us to craft copy and content that engages our audiences - both online and offline.

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By delivering a high level of translation and customer support services, you will be the company’s voice to our clients.

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Binary.com se encuentra en busca de un corrector especializado con aptitudes para el lenguaje y una meticulosa atención al detalle. Usted debe ser capaz de interactuar con nuestro personal mediante una interfaz web de traducción.

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Cuentas/ Pagos

Ejecutivo de Contabilidad y Pagos

As our Accounts & Payments Executive, you will be able to contribute to all these key areas and increase the efficiency of our financial operations.

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Compliance and Risk Management

Ejecutivo de cumplimiento

As our Compliance Executive, you must ensure that our group of companies worldwide conduct their business operations in full compliance with relevant laws and regulations - both national and international.

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Risk Management Executive

You are responsible for mitigating the risks and abuse that we face from fraud and money laundering. To accomplish this, you must monitor, analyse, and conduct various anti-fraud and AML checks on client accounts and deposits. You will join us in Malta and report to our Head of Payments.

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Payments and Compliance Analyst

As our Risk Management Executive, we will depend on you to identify, analyse, and take necessary measures to reduce or eliminate risks faced by the organisation.

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Auditoría interna

Internal Audit Executive

The Internal Audit team is the catalyst for improving our organisation’s governance, risk management, and internal controls by providing insights and recommendations based on the audits they perform.

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Human Resource

HR Operations Executive

As our Human Resource Operations Executive, you will be counted on to lead, execute, and support a wide range of HR-related and administrative tasks to ensure the smooth operations of our offices worldwide.

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Talent Acquisition Executive

The Recruitment team plays a challenging role in the company by sourcing and selecting quality applicants that will contribute to the company growth.

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Atención al cliente

Customer Support Executive

As our Customer Support Executive, you will serve as the voice of the company, and help our customers resolve and reduce the issues they’re facing with our products and services. The frontline is essential to our business and you are expected to deliver world-class customer service that creates customer loyalty and promotes business growth.

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