Open Positions

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DevOps Manager / Team Lead

Responsibilities include hardware and software deployment, network security, intrusion detection, and load balancing.

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Senior Front-End Developer

Tasked with writing robust, high-quality, production-ready code as well as refactoring and optimizing a large and complex legacy code base.

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Senior Perl Developer

Tasked with writing robust, high-quality, production-ready code and contributing to the architecture that drives our high-traffic global website.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Engineer

Execute and update manual and automated test plans, ensure the integrity of releases, investigate and reproduce client-reported issues.

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Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative Developer

Responsible for the risk management and derivatives pricing of the company, including implementation and maintenance.

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Quantitative Analyst

Responsible for the pricing of binary options offered on the website and the risk management and profitability of its options book.

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Marketing Project Coordinator

Work with senior staff to coordinate project delivery; develop and update schedules; document processes; and push initiatives to successful completion.

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Social Media Executive

Enhance and proactively manage the company's social-media efforts, using a variety of channels to attract and nurture prospects, clients, partners, and recruits.

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Affiliate Manager

Drive rapid growth from key areas of the world, applying a variety of online and offline marketing abilities to expand the company's active affiliate network.

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그래픽 디자이너

Design engaging, visually inspiring content for the company's website and many other forms of media, including both online and offline materials.

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Marketing Executives

Contribute your creativity and marketing capabilities to further the company's branding efforts, implementing a broad array of promotional campaigns.

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Create clear, concise, and engaging content that effectively promotes the company's trading platform and product offerings in a variety of formats.

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Work with colleagues in IT, Customer Support, and Marketing to provide localised text for our global website, blog, social media outlets, and promotional materials.

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Apply a meticulous eye for detail in proofreading the content that appears on the company's website, blog, social media outlets, and marketing materials.

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Accounts And Payments Executive

Responsible for the processing of client payments, assisting with the management accounts of the companies within our group, and more.

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Compliance Executive

Ensuring that the Binary Group of companies are in full compliance with the legal and regulatory regimes to which they are subject.

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Anti-Fraud Officer

Exercise exceptional client relationship management skills to prevent fraudulent activities in payments processing and business transactions.

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Customer Support

Customer Service Representatives

As a member of our global Client Service Team you will serve as the voice of our customers by resolving and reducing client service issues.

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인사 경영진

Responsible for supporting the Group's global recruiting and talent management needs and a broad array of HR-related administrative tasks.

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Administrative Executive

Provide administrative support in areas related to vendor management, event planning, accounting, and human resources administration.

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Internal Audit

Internal Auditor

Involved in evaluation of regulatory compliance and risk management. Work with the Head of Departments to improve business processes.

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